Have years of experience in the plastic and chemical industry, we always understand the concerns of businesses in the industry: Unable to stabilize the quality of input materials, not to compete for prices. good due to insufficient quantity imported… etc
With the motto Companion – Together Development, GPM is always ready to be a reliable partner to help businesses stabilize prices and quality of raw materials, ensure productivity with the best output products!


For a good life we ​​have been bringing better products and services every day.

We believe that, behind the success of a company, is the trust and companionship of people of the same ideology. We build trust firstly within the company, based on the philosophy of “people-centered” we build a value system of trust and empower everyone to be an integral part of GPM. We value maintaining trust with customers by doing right and on time, respecting them, living honestly. Therefore, we always keep the trust of customers. Prestige and trust are the decisive factors for a brand’s success or failure. Believe in yourself for the right start, trust your partner to go further.

Vision 2030

With the process of nearly a decade of formation and development, constantly innovating. We have a vision toward 2030 to become a trusted supplier and first choice for our customers, while providing future innovative solutions for Plastic Material products.