How CaCO3 filler Compounds/Masterbatch allow cost saving?

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How CaCO3 filler Compounds/Masterbatch allow cost saving?

Economical benefits of the use of CaCO3 Filler Compounds is used for filling in plastics to replace a part of a virgin polymer that is very expensive.
In fact, in a real production, a number of factors connected with CaCO3 Filler Compounds would lead to cumulative cost savings.

• The price of calcium carbonate master batch is remarkably lower than those of virgin polymer being filled; hence virgin plastic displacement with CaCO3, at an optimal filling ratio, will result in noticeable cost reduction of a polymer composition.

• The natural whiteness of CaCO3 allows filler masterbatch to function as a white pigment, thus helping to reduce and, in certain cases, completely avoid the addition of expensive TiO2 masterbatch.

• CaCO3 filler masterbatches may also effectively substitute, partially or in full, some of the expensive functional additives, for example, antiblock or anti-slip additives. Reducing filling ratio or fully replacing said functional additives and/or white masterbatch will contribute to extruders life extension since additives in question are harder than CaCO3.

• Using CaCO3 plastic processors will be able to shorten production cycle and increase extruder productivity, while reducing its load, thus saving energy costs.

Wide range of CaCO3 Filler Compounds:
• PE Filler for blowing film, blow molding, extrusion coating,
• PP Filler for PP Woven sacks & FIBC, PP raffia, PP non-woven, Injection, Extrusion…
• HIPS/GPPS Filler for foam PS tableware, sheet.

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